High-quality translation

High-quality translation

A high-quality translation does not only mean that the text is transferred into the target language in a grammatically correct way. Quality is much more than that!

Parts of a high-quality translation

Professional translation: translators working on translating texts are people who are specialized in the specific fields and have proficient language skills and extensive translation experience. In addition, the translation is edited in cooperation with a terminologist and reviewed before delivery.

If the translator is not sufficiently experienced, good editors and terminologists compensate for that. An additional value is provided through close cooperation with the client, who usually knows the terminology the best.

One requirement for a good translation is also its functionality. Translating user instructions differs from translating a contract. A contract needs to concur with the original 100%, without beautifying or adjusting anything.

However, in case of user instructions, the user of these instructions must be kept in mind, and whether the user instructions are intended for consumers of consumer goods or experts in the field. The vocabulary and style must be chosen accordingly.

If the purpose of the text is advertising, it is translated as an advertorial, keeping in mind, in which state and context the text will be used, so that the text would also be localized.

Delivery of translation: the translation is ready by the time the client needs it. There is no use for a perfect translation in terms of language, terminology and style, which is finished when no longer required. If a deadline is agreed, the translation must be executed by that time.

Confidentiality in everything: information and data included in the projects are strictly confidential. Confidentiality agreements are concluded with staff and translators to ensure confidentiality of information.

Use of additional materials: previous works on the same subject significantly help with executing good translations. Translation memory programs that ensure uniform terminology and style throughout translations is of great help as well. For example, if we need to translate 10 safety data sheets, it is practical, faster and cheaper to translate them with a translation memory program.

Efficacy: all inquiries are replied within a working day, but according to good practice, letters are replied already within 2 hours. There is actually also no rule that says that we can translate only 5 pages per day. If there is an emergency, we can also translate 20-30 pages in a day and deliver the project on Sunday evening.

Cooperation: cooperation does not only mean that a contracting entity gives the translation bureau additional materials and assists in terms of terminology. Cooperation also means that the translation bureau notifies the contracting entity of errors in the source text to ensure a correct translation and correct the mistakes discovered. In addition, there is active cooperation between translators and editors and the terminologist. If needed, we also involve specialists in the field.

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