Avatar translation bureau

Avatar translation bureau

Avatar Translation Bureau was created at the turn of the century. We have worked hard, and invested in knowledge and skills to be the best translation bureau in Estonia in 2015. The work processes and translation service quality of Avatar Translation Bureau have been awarded with certificates of the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers ISO 17100:2015 and Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015.

The Estonian translation landscape is flooded with different companies and single enthusiasts providing translation services. Which of them is the best? Which translation bureau offers the best price and quality ratio? Will I receive a high-quality translation? Why does one translation bureau ask so little and another so much?

These are definitely questions that a customer will have when a need emerges for a translation service. We are happy to assist you in finding the best of the best. First, we recommend ourselves, of course, but will happily advise you in other options and choices, and give tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a translation bureau as your cooperation partner.

When looking for a translation bureau, it is important to check, whether the bureau can ensure translations in all language pairs that you need, and if texts are translated by philologists or translators specialized in various subject fields. It is definitely added value, if a text is translated by a native speaker.

You also need to know what you will receive for the sum agreed; whether the price also includes editing or proofreading and delivery review. Cooperation is more valuable, if it provides additional services: design-work, layout, preparation for print, interpretation service, etc. This enables ordering everything from one place, which saves both money and time. See more under High-quality translation and Definitions.

Advantages of ordering from Avatar Translation Bureau:

  • Experienced team that can fulfil all requests a customer may have;
  • Translators are experienced and specialized in specific subject fields: technology, medicine, law, economy, patents, chemistry, banking;
  • Quality monitoring of all translators upon employment and during work. We give regular feedback to our translators that enables them to learn and develop;
  • Editors work at the office, which gives an advantage in project planning and ensures the fast and timely execution of translations. In addition, there are many additional materials in the office, and editors can discuss and exchange experiences – all this creates a synergy, which helps to execute translation projects even better and faster;
  • Wide language selection – translations into about 40 languages;
  • Written translations with editing and delivery review. This system is not comparable to translation bureaus that only mediate translation services, i.e., where a translation is immediately forwarded to the customer. At Avatar Translation Bureau, every translation is checked twice. After translating, the translation is edited both language- and content-wise by a separate editor. In addition, another person reviews the translation before sending it to the customer to check that everything meets the client’s requirements and is translated perfectly. This system ensures a much higher quality of translations;
  • Experience with large and fast projects; if necessary, we can translate 20-30 pages per day;
  • Good price and quality ratio;
  • Use of translation memory programmes;
  • Checked quality – Avatar Translation Bureau has been awarded the certificates of the Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers ISO 17100:2015 and Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015;
  • Full package – Avatar Translation Bureau offers a wide range of additional services, e.g., translation of different file formats with design-work; localization; development and administration of a term base; transcription, interpreting; back-translation; sworn translator’s services – document translations into English, Russian, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, etc.; notarial certification; localization of websites for the target market; proofreading before print, etc.;
  • Interpretation services – consecutive translation, simultaneous interpretation and conference interpretation;
  • We always process customer feedback. This is one of the effective enhancement options. We process customer comments and recommendations, and always find the best solution for the customer together. We approach every client personally.