Referatiivne tõlge

Informative translation

Informative translation is a type of translation, where the main emphasis is on forwarding the meaning of the text without placing focus on word-for-word accuracy. Informative translation is a good way of making summaries of texts and highlighting the most important parts of the text. Compared to the source text, informative translation has smaller volume and rather serves to give an overview.

Informative translations can be oral as well. The interpreter reads the materials beforehand and when meeting the client, gives an overview of the content and interprets only the most significant passages very accurately. The contractor listens and takes notes, if necessary. This way, quite a voluminous material can be covered within half an hour.

For example, informative translation is suitable for translating study materials, articles, user instructions, correspondence, etc., where communicating the content of the text is more important than following the exact layout. This type of translation helps to save both time and money.