Tehniliste tekstide tõlkimine

Translation of technical texts

When translating technical texts, it is essential to know, who the user of this translation is; whether it is a user instruction of a consumer good; or will only specialists in the field use the text. The wording, style and terminology of technical texts must be used based on these factors.

Technical translations are performed by translators with higher technical education in cooperation with an editor or philologists that cooperate with a terminologist and editor of the technical field. Every specialty has its own terms, unique use of language, and style practice, whereby translating technical texts requires both excellent language skills and professional knowledge of the relevant field from translators.

Translating technical texts is significantly aided by close cooperation with the client, because usually, the contractor knows the terminology the best or can give direction about which terms should be used.

In case of voluminous and repetitive translation projects (e.g. user instructions, safety cards, technical information, etc.), it is definitely advisable to use translation memory programs to ensure coherence of style and terminology. At the same time, it saves client’s money as we can make discount on repetitions.

In case of small-scale technical translations, a longer term is required for executing the translation, because becoming familiar with the topic and finding the correct terminology may take longer than the actual translation process.